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About Us

The idea behind Green Twine started slow…

We'd always been advocates of a greener lifestyle and considered a few different business ideas to reflect our interests but frankly didn't consider a clothing based business until we read about the bamboo fabric craze.

But just what kind of business should we do?

How about t-shirts?  

Now that was a unique idea, especially in the tourist area of Southwest Florida where we had just relocated to in January of 2011.

Instead of just any old t-shirts we opted to sell hemp and bamboo shirts.  Sustainable Clothing that we believed in and knew from personal experience was super comfortable and a greener option than a lot of the fabric choices available at the time. 

Shortly after our first year in business, we also started a line of sustainable fabric graphic t-shirts, uniquely designed by us and printed in Southwest Florida. Tagged with our own Green Twine label, they have really taken on a life of their own and become one of our most popular products.

Since that day, we have traveled throughout the United States working fairs, festivals and farmers markets selling and promoting sustainable fabric clothing. Green Twine's modest inventory has grown to include everything from bamboo socks to his and hers hemp hoodies

One thing is for sure, we have met lots of great people and learned a lot about owning a small business and about hemp and bamboo clothing.

Little did we know that what started as a small business, has turned into a passion for leaving a little less of a carbon footprint and helping people lead a greener way of life.